Summer Wedding at Gedney Farm

Gedney Farm is where wedding dreams come true.  I know because this was my dream since I was six.  I went to a ceremony at Gedney farms and bathed in the golden light of a berkshire evening while learning to dance at my very first wedding.  I felt tears when the bride walked down the aisle to the famous hillside tree towards her fiance and it was then that I gained an understanding of how significant a union is.

Fast forward to 2019 when Sophia and Kellen were married at Gedney and I participated as their wedding photographer.  I arrived early at Gedney to see the groomsmen playing frisbee outside in the sunshine and settled in to have a look around and set up my equipment.  I noticed that there was a huge thunderstorm predicted for the afternoon at the time of the ceremony so I wanted to prepare for the each outcome.  Fortunately Gedney is stocked with some clear plastic umbrellas (check out the children playing with them at the reception) and I knew that even if it rained we could still get amazing shots together.  

Sophia and Kellen had invited their bridal party and family to stay at Gedney with them the coming days before the ceremony.  Taking to Kellen about it, he confirmed that it was a great idea and they had a ton a fun together.  They even went to Tanglewood on July 4th for the James Taylor concert. I was there too but with the crowds we didn’t see each other.  

In our initial meetings we had talked about doing a ‘first look’ where they could have a a few special and private moments with each other before the rush of everything.  That would help get the family portraits out of the way and in fact, saved the day when it came to getting our photos done in the garden before the rain came.  

Fortunately Gedney has everything you need to enjoy your day regardless of the weather.  It was hot outside and such a relief to step into the wood barn that would have been sweltering if it wasn’t equipped with AC.  

Because of the rain, the ceremony site was switched to the loft in the barn.  There were some chairs and standing room in the back.  It created an intimate atmosphere for the group and transitioned easily into what was a joy-filled reception catered by Gedney Farm.  

One of the most beautiful things to me witnessing the event was how the families blended together so well.  It was a true joining of forces and authentic connections everywhere. From the cheers when they were announced through the speeches of best man and maid of honor, anyone could tell that this couple was revered by friends and family.    

Sophia & Kellen were the perfect example of graciousness and lighthearted fun on the beautiful July 6th, 2019 that concluded with a very special moment at the end of the night when the rain was gone, the mist was rising and the moon shone from above the barn.

Blessings to you both and keep focusing on what you love!


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