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Joy & Erik's Wedding at Currier Orchard

Imagine a magical scene: an intimate outdoor wedding in the stunning countryside of New Hampshire. The setting? A charming family orchard. But wait, there's a twist! The weather gods decide to bless the occasion with a torrential downpour. Don't worry, though, because this DIY couple is not fazed by a little rain. Let's dive into this mesmerizing November wedding and uncover the inspiring moments of beauty among the drops.As raindrops cascaded around them, their genuine connection shone through, undeterred by the weather.

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Cate Takes A Gamble

Cate and Jon met on the beach. He was a lifeguard and she was returning a book to someone else when they started talking. It was then that she took the gamble, but it was August 5th that they made it official. Destiny brought her from her home state of Minnesota to sunny Santa Cruz while Jon grew up in California. I was lucky enough to get to know them both at the beginning of their relationship and never questioned that they were meant for each other!

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Summer Wedding at Gedney Farm

Gedney Farm is where wedding dreams come true. I know because this was my dream since I was six. I went to a ceremony at Gedney farms and bathed in the golden light of a berkshire evening while learning to dance at my very first wedding. I felt tears when the bride walked down the aisle to the famous hillside tree towards her fiance and it was then that I gained an understanding of how significant a union is.

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Marrying Your High School Sweetheart

Aurelie and James met in high school and have been together ever since! They both went to the same private school in the Berkshires and after 12 years of being together, they returned to the county where they met to get married. They were reminded of their long courtship throughout the wedding day and had many laughs about it.

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